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Port Adriano

Port Adriano is one of the most relevant ports in the Balearic Islands. Nearby the port some excellent diving can also be found. A bay with fantastic reefs is excellent for conducting diving courses as well as going for a tour to explore the underwater world.


Playa Portals

A small beach with crystal clear waters, it is optimal for learning to dive with an easy entrance and interesting marine life. This is where we take our junior divers to start their scuba diving experience.


Ses Penyes Rotges

Penyes Rotges is a stunning cove of rocks with a small beach area and crystal clear waters. It is surrounded by beautiful reefs, a fantastic underwater wall and vivid marine life. Here we conduct wall dives, night dives, deep dives and reef dives.



Rich marine life, interesting sunken objects, beautiful reefs – Illetes offers diving that can take your breath away!


Cala Monjo

Cala Monjo is a small and beautiful secluded beach, also well known as a nudist area. It offers some of the most fantastic cave diving on the island. Our dive here includes 3 very different caves, the deepest located at 17 meters depth.


El Toro Marine Reserve

El Toro marine reserve is one of the most important marine reserves in the Mediterranean. Extremely vivid marine life offers fantastic diving for divers of all levels.


Palma Wrecks

At about 28 meters depth lays an incredible sunken cargo ship accompanied with 2 smaller ships. Needless to say, this dive is absolutely amazing!


Palma Caves

Palma caves is another fantastic cave dive with three different caves to explore and to fall in love with.


  • Guided Tour for Advanced Open Water Divers

We have many more to list, but we like to keep these a Norway Dive Secret…

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